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If your care provider participates with you can electronically submit appointment requests and prescription refill requests. For non-emergency situations an online visit with your personal care provider may be a convenient way to deal with a medical problem.

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Books on health care
There are thousands of books on health care. Which ones are worth buying? Which ones provide information that health care specialists s support and recommend? If you are unsure of what books contain factual, reliable information on conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, menopause, pregnancy and childbirth, and more, we can help. Through a special arrangement with, care providers who participate in have reviewed the books Amazon offers. Our list of recommended books is available to review and purchase.

Care Providers
You can make referrals to specialists, request appointments for patients who need imaging studies, lab work, or inpatient stays by using the internet based e-mail capabilities available through Additionally, you can choose the online services you are comfortable with and make them available to your patients. The programs are made available to patients through your personal page that you control. Patients can link directly from your existing web site, if you have one, to a page displaying the services you have chosen to offer. Or you can use this page as your web site. Click Here To Sign Up Your Practice

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